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Wednesday 27 May 2020
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Benefits of Being a Semi-Truck Owner Operator

Benefits of Being a Semi-Truck Owner Operator

  • You Are The Boss!
  • You decide what loads to haul and what locations you want to travel.
  • Don’t let the saying “being business savvy” scare you away. Just be aware you will have many hats to wear that will take up some of your time. Performing required maintenance on your big rig and hiring an accountant familiar with the trucking industry to help you keep an eye on your money will allow you to concentrate on finding the higher paying loads.
  •  You can put more money in your pocket if you make the right decisions. Compare the average pay of .37 cents per mile for a driver with five years experience as a company driver to an average pay of .87 cents per mile as a big rig owner operator. These are comparative average numbers. With the time spent building up your network of contacts, you may even get a better rate per mile.

Using 50 weeks out of the year where you drive an average of 2500 miles per week and with the mileage rates from above, you will make:

  • Company Driver: $46,250 per year plus 2 weeks vacation and health benefits that usually require you pay a monthly amount
  • Owner Operator: $108,750 per year (You will have truck note, fuel, health insurance and other expenses coming out of this amount) With that said, you could, by making good business decisions, still come out with more money in your pocket at the end of the year.

Big Rig Central.com is not guaranteeing you will make that much or that less.

As with any business, you never know what may happen in the future. We just wanted you to see the difference in average pay for the company driver versus the big rig owner operator.

Many trucking companies hire owner operators everyday across the United States while some owner operators work directly for shippers.

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