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Wednesday 27 May 2020
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Why Drive for a Trucking Company for at Least Two Years?

Why Drive for a Trucking Company for at Least Two Years?

  • Most trucking companies want 2 or more years Over The Road (OTR) experience before allowing you to participate in their Owner Operator programs.
  • You need the time to make sure that trucking is really for you before taking on the large amount of debt from being a big rig owner operator.
  • The time spent learning the business working for a company will keep you from making mistakes that can prove to be costly and devastating to you as an owner operator who hasn’t learned the business.
  • The time spent on the road can be used to build your network of contacts that will be needed to allow you a better chance of being successful. Proper networking will allow you to know what transportation companies treat truckers better, who pays better per mile and most importantly the time learning the business allows you the opportunity to make contacts with shippers who someday may hire you to move their freight. In addition, you may learn tricks of the trade from other truckers that could allow you to keep more money in your pocket as your own boss.
  • You can use the years spent driving for someone else to start building your money reserve up for the day you decide to become a big rig owner operator. You should anticipate making a down payment on your purchase of a big rig with enough money still left in your reserve for unexpected repairs and unexpected down time away from the road due to other factors.


Again, there are big rig owner operators out there who make over $100k a year working for themselves.

Careful planning on your part can mean the difference between counting the money earned or parking the big rig in the lot to go find another profession to earn money.
Of course, there are many factors that determine the amount of money you make annually.
1. How many vacations you take a year
2. Paying for expensive truck repairs
3. Deadheading home too many times
4. Cost of Fuel
5. Cost of Health Insurance
6. Road and fuel taxes
7. Truck depreciation methods
8. Personal tax exemptions
9. Tax write offs
We mention truck depreciation and tax write offs to drive home the fact that you are a business owner who will be wearing many hats instead of moving a load then calling it a day.

You are the chief mechanic, the chief load getter, and the chief accountant of your business. Your day doesn’t end when the load is dropped and the rig is back at a terminal.



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