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Wednesday 27 May 2020
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Can You Be an Owner Operator Without Having Money Saved Up

Many trucking companies offer various lease purchase type programs to get you in the big rig owner’s seat.

While their lease purchase options are too various to list here, many owner operators find success with their lease purchase programs that allow them to take advantage of the trucking company’s fuel discount program, tire discount program and usually they deduct maintenance expenses from the pay to make sure you stay on the road and your big rig is properly maintained.
There are some truckers who would disagree with using a lease purchase program. Instead they recommend saving your money up until you have enough money for a down payment on a big rig. Some of their reasons are:

  1. You will lose some of your freedom as an owner operator. The trucking company will insist you agree to move the freight of their customers as a first priority even if it is not where and when you want to go.
  2. Comments made include that you are paying for the truck for the trucking company and it will be worn out before you finally pay it off.

As with every business transaction, some big rig owner operators may have negotiated better deals than other drivers who entered lease purchase programs without doing their homework.

The lease purchase agreement provisions, the discounts for fuel and supplies and how much you will make per mile as an owner operator for the trucking company will help you make the decision to take the route of a lease purchase plan if you don’t want to wait for years to save enough for a down payment.

While Big Rig Central.com can’t tell you which way to go to become a big rig owner operator, we hope the information was enough to make you think more about your various options.

Also keep in mind, some trucking companies will pay owner operator expenses for the following items:

Fuel surcharges, all fuel tax, all tolls, a set amount of scale tickets per load, cargo and trailer insurance and all State registrations and permits

As you can see by the extras expenses trucking companies are willing to absorb to get you to drive for them, it pays to do your homework by networking with fellow truckers and researching the various trucking companies.

Keep in mind that big trucking companies may not always offer you the best deal or the traffic lanes that you may prefer to travel.

Small and medium size trucking companies who are looking for reliable and dedicated professionals are definitely good options for you to consider.

Get Out There and Make It Happen!
Big Rig Central.com wishes you great success as a big rig Owner Operator.

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